KotiSalesWeidmüller Onlineshop

New Weidmüller Onlineshop

More convenience and new features for our customers


We set up a completely new onlineshop to provide you with a more convenient and intuitive experience.


Intuitive usability and modern design

  • Easily browse through our product catalog comprising the complete Weidmüller product offering - all technical data is included
  • Optimised for all devices - desktop, tablet, mobile
  • The checkout and ordering process is fast, reliable and easy to handle

Check prices and availability

  • Check your individual prices for each product after login
  • Check availability and lead time for the requested amount of each order item

Additional service features

  • Order templates: create order templates to handle recurring demands even faster
  • Order history: get detailed information on all your orders
  • Track & Trace: easily track individual order items
  • CSV import: conveniently upload a csv file to create your order