Maximum efficiency in the panel

Handle your projects with maximum performance. u-remote speeds up your installation process and makes your machines start-up faster. The seamlessly pluggable system means you can rely on your intuition and trust that there will be no errors.

Score top marks from your customers with maximum machine availability. u-remote is the most user-friendly I/O concept on the market to combine high-performance automation with optimum system handling. This gives your machines an extensive range of functions, decisively minimising the time and effort involved in service and maintenance.

u-remote - 10 years anniversary

Now, to mark the 10th anniversary, the u-remote system has been upgraded.
The new backplane bus for Even more Performance. Simplified.

The benefits at a glance

Minimise machine downtimes

Minimise machine downtimes

The machine may be at a standstill, but communication is still ongoing: u-remote is completely hot-swap capable. Replace the electronics without the need to switch off the I/O system.

Respond faster due to integrated diagnostics

Respond faster due to integrated diagnostics

The integrated u-remote web server enables start-up in sections even before machinery is commissioned. Shorten downtimes by making use of fast error identification with plain-text diagnostics.

Immediately identify errors

Immediately identify errors

You can localise errors instantly with an LED directly on the channel and status indicators on every module. An indispensable benefit for secure commissioning and rapid system maintenance.

Our IP20 product range

Fieldbus coupler

The field bus coupler is the central link between the various field bus standards and the u-remote system bus.

Fieldbus coupler
Your benefits
  • Supported fieldbus protocols: PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT, ModbusTCP, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, CANopen, POWERLINK, CC-Link, CC-Link IE TSN and IEC 61162-450
  • Diagnostics via integrated web server
  • Separate I/O supply with two highly robust 10 A current paths
  • Connection up to 64 I/O modules

I/O Modules

u-remote is suitable for almost any application, no matter what conditions you meet. The IP20 system for control cabinets offers a wide range of functionalities up to SIL 3 capable modules.

I/O Modules
Your benefits
  • Up to 32 connections on just one module
  • With a module width of just 11.5 mm, u-remote is thinner than any other I/O system
  • Hot-swap-capable
  • Error diagnosis on each channel
  • Integrated safety, with and without safety control

u-remote. More Performance. Simplified

u-remote. More Performance. Simplified

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Digital engineering of the next level - intuitive, uncomplicated, fast

Create your configuration from over 10,000 digital Weidmüller products

As a software solution, the Weidmüller Configurator not only offers support for individual steps, but for panel building as an entire, seamless process, building a bridge from planning through to operation.

  • Minimisation of failures
  • User-friendliness
  • Easy documentation
  • Greater flexibility in your project planning


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