Reduce your cabling workload

Reduce your cabling workload
Tame the beast!

Reduce your cabling workload

Requirements of modern machines and plants are increasingly specialised. The consequence is increasingly modular concepts that can be flexibly adapted to new requirements. Standard combinations, as well as specific cabling solutions, which are available quickly and guarantee a reliable transmission of power, signals, and data, are required for the implementation. Consisting of either standardised or specific connecting lines: Weidmüller provides you with the optimal solution for every cabling task.

Seamless connection

Seamless connection

Reliable transmission of power, signals, and data with convenient connection technology from a single source.

Flexible customisation

Flexible customisation

Weidmüller offers you efficient implementation for every cabling task - from standard cabling to custom solutions.

Considerable cost savings

Considerable cost savings

Plug-and-produce solutions, for maximum installation efficiency and a competitive advantage.

Product range

Plug-and-produce instead of complex assembly

We can help you master your cabling workload!

Machine and system cabling is becoming an increasingly complex task. The assembly of individual cables leads to high costs in planning, procurement, and assembly. We provide custom designs and products for continuous connectivity from IP20 to IP6x - reliable, tested, and from a single source.

Plug-and-produce instead of complex assembly
Your advantages
  • Continuous connectivity from IP20 to IP6x
  • Reduce installation costs to a minimum
  • Demand-oriented cable lengths, plugs, markings, or colours

Cord sets, patchcords and cables

Irrespective of whether you require signal cables for sensors or data cables for Etherner cables with different mating profiles - Weidmüller offers the right solution for every field of application.

  • Demand-oriented cable lengths, plugs, markings, or colours from a batch size of one
  • Various individualisation levels to meet your needs in every planning situation with our online configurator
  • Compatible for use in robots and with recyclable, halogen-free cables

PLC system cabling

Pre-assembled PAC cables, consisting of manufacturer-specific plug-in connectors as well as flat cable, SUB-D, or RSV connectors, provide a fast and reliable connection between PLC and PLC interface modules.

  • Large selection of pre-assembled cables with manufacturer-specific connectivity for all the relevant control systems
  • Tailored to the individual requirements of your system
  • Greater efficiency and safety in panel building - reduce cabling errors


Pick to order

Our standard range of cord sets, patchcords and cables for the transmission of power, signals and data. Available to order from our catalogue upwards of batch size one.

Fast Delivery Service

Cord sets with different connection faces and cable lengths. Create special combinations of standard components really easily with our online configurator.

Make to order

Bespoke cables put together by your Weidmüller specialists. Combinations with specific wiring arrangements, special packaging, and markings.

Engineer to order

Solutions with real added value for machine and plant cabling. Take advantage of bespoke connection solutions that exploit hidden potential and significantly reduce your installation workload.

Product configurator

Product configurator

Product configurator

The configurator enables you to create SAI and IE cord sets individually according to your requirements and specifications. You can configure cord sets that are identical at both ends, have two different connectors, or with one end left open. On request, the cable configurator automatically creates technical data sheets for all your customer-specific cord sets.

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