Hardware for the Ethernet of the future

Hardware for the Ethernet of the future

Hardware for the Ethernet of the future

The increasing level of digitalisation of industrial plants calls for the further development of existing Ethernet cabling. For sensors and local, modular control units in particular, conventional cabling concepts are no longer able to meet the new demands with regard to space requirements and installation effort.

Weidmüller and partners from the field of electrical connectivity all rely on the innovative Single Pair Ethernet technology when developing new industry standards. Single Pair Ethernet enables the end-to-end connection of a large number of devices in the Industrial IoT, from the sensor to the cloud.



Smallest compact design for implementing IIoT devices



Easy to connect for safe, fast installation



Future-proof design through international standards

SPE System Alliance - On the path to a uniform market standard

SPE System Alliance - On the path to a uniform market standard

SPE System Alliance - On the path to a uniform market standard

The SPE System Alliance is an association of leading technology companies from different industries and fields of application who bundle and exchange their expertise regarding Single Pair Ethernet. All partners pursue the common goal of promoting the SPE technology for the IIoT and every other field of application. Details and opportunities to contact the SPE System Alliance can be found on the website.


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Product range


IP20 plug field attachable

Plug-in connectors for simple attachment in the field

  • Future-proof: standardized connectors according to IEC 63171-2 (IP20)
  • Reliable, space-saving connection and easy handling

IP20 sockets

IP20 device plug-in connectors with and without LED

  • Innovative: lighter, space-saving and smaller installation effort
  • Reliable, space-saving connection and easy handling

Patch cable

IP20 and IP67 patch cable, also as free field coupling, supporting Power over Data Line (PoDL)

  • Consistent: Single Pair Ethernet enables uniform Ethernet-based communication from the sensor to the cloud
  • Flexible: Can be used across applications thanks to ranges of up to 1,000 m and transmission properties of up to 1 Gbit/s

IP67 sockets

M8 device plug-in connectors in different outlet directions

  • Future-proof: standardized connectors and cables according to IEC 63171-2 (IP20) and IEC 63171-5 (IP67)
  • Compact: connector faces for single and multi-ports enable high packing densities


Adapter IP20 SPE socket to IP67 M8 SPE socket

  • Future-proof: key technology for Industry 4.0 and IIoT
  • Innovative: lighter, less space required, and reduced installation effort

Product news

SPE meets OMNIMATE® 4.0

Discover the new, modular, hybrid system to build every kind of connector for ​data, signal and power - also ready for IIoT. The future-proof system is suitable for the highest requirements of the digital and connected world.

  • Innovative SNAP IN connection technology is the most time and cost saving connection technology
  • Individual configuration for your smart application of the future
  • Ready for dispatch within 3 days through a digital high-performance value chain

SPE for the process industry: Ethernet-APL

Ethernet-APL as a dedicated definition of SPE standard 10Base-T1L enables the direct connection via a two-wire solution considering special requirements of the process industry.

  • Ethernet-APL compliant connection from the PCB to the field
  • 10 Mbit/s communication for long ranges according to IEEE 802.3cg-2019
  • PoDL (Power over data line) remote power supply according to IEEE 802.3bu

Data connections for the factory of the future

SPE connections transfer data and power over just one twisted pair. This enables both end-to-end IP communication between sensor and cloud, as well as power supply in complex IIoT solutions.

  • Advantages of two-wire cabling in conjunction with end-to-end Ethernet communication right into the field
  • Particularly robust, industry-compatible design
  • Most compact design for implementing IIoT devices – savings > 50%

Advantages of SPE connectors

Particularly compact

Miniaturisation of SPE connectors

  • Currently the smallest mating face according to IEC 63171 on the market
  • Only 20% of the volume of an RJ45 jack, therefore doubling the port-density
  • Can be integrated into standard M8 housings and connectors as with I/O-Link or PROFINET

Future-proof SPE connectors

Ready for the challenges of tomorrow

  • Extensive support within the Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance
  • Suitable for various Ethernet applications with transfer rates from 10 Mbit/s to 1 Gbit/s
  • Standardisation to ensure plug-in compatibility and transmission reliability

Made for highest demands

The industrial suitability of SPE connectors

  • Robust metal housing with metal snap-in hooks
  • Coupling attenuation at 600 MHz according to IEEE 802.3
  • Shock resistant and vibration resistant according to IEC 60068

Easy to use

The simplicity of SPE connectors

  • Industry standard plugs and sockets with metal Snap-in hooks locking
  • Simple assembly due to a two-part connector
  • Compatibility of IP20 and IP67 variants


White paper

In this white paper you will get detailed insights into the possibilities of the young Single Pair Ethernet technology, with a focus on applications, the state of standardization and the development of connectors.


In short clips our SPE expert explains why SPE is the network infrastructure of the Industrial IoT. Let us introduce you to the communication architecture of tomorrow.

Standardisation, the key to success

Standardisation, the key to success

Standardisation, the key to success

When developing new standards, the most important task is to establish a uniform and application-independent plug-in-connector face. Together with other manufacturers Weidmüller supports the currently submitted standardization variants according to IEC 63171-2 for IP20 and IEC 63171-5 for IP67.

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