PCB terminals and PCB plug-in connectors for efficient power electronics

PCB terminals and PCB plug-in connectors for efficient power electronics

With each new generation, device designs are becoming smaller while also being more economical and offering better performance. As a result, demands are also increasing as regards the development of suitable connection technology, such as PCB plug-in connectors and PCB terminals. Despite their more compact size, they have to transmit high currents to PCBs reliably and with as little loss as possible. Our PCB plug-in connectors are the efficient solution. The products in our range ensure a consistent, dynamic and digitised process for the development of your devices. Weidmüller offers you intelligent connection solutions and helps you stay competitive while increasing the efficiency of your business.

OMNIMATE® product range


Are you looking for the right product? With our innovative approaches, tailor-made solutions offering high performance and efficiency levels, and our comprehensive range of PCB terminals and PCB plug-in connectors, we can fulfil all of your requirements. Use our ConnectorGuide for device developers to select products according to pictures or your individual application.

We’ll provide you with the specific products you need to increase your efficiency and hold your own against your competitors in the market. Whether you are a device developer, product manager or buyer, at Weidmüller you’ll find the PCB connectors and terminals that meet your specific requirements.

Search by product

Search by product

Search by product

The guide will show you the whole range of OMNIMATE® PCB terminals and plug-in connectors.

Search by device

Search by device

Search by device

Based on your application, the guide will show you a representative range of products for the different functions of your device.



Configurable portfolio of connectors using rapid and safe SNAP-IN connection technology. The modular slice concept allows signal, data and power to be combined in different hybrid combinations in a single product. The future-proof system is suitable for the toughest requirements of the digital and connected world.


User-friendly connection technologies from clamping yoke screw connections to PUSH-IN spring connections. Weidmüller offers a wide range of reflow-compatible products for automated SMT processes.


Connections for the toughest performance and safety requirements. Application-specific scalability of connections and unrestricted use up to 600 V in accordance with UL standards.


Data connectors and sockets with future-proof transmission properties. Innovative connection system for industry-compatible design and high-quality individual components for increasing data rates.

OMNIMATE® Services

With our OMNIMATE® services, we can help you and your business achieve the highest possible levels of efficiency. You can reduce your product costs and benefit from our support across all phases of your project. Save valuable time with an application or product-oriented search using our ConnectorGuide and make a quick selection with our web configuration tool.

Feel free to contact our experts for more information on our PCB plug-in connectors or if anything is unclear. Simply use the services of our support centre. We’ll help you identify the ideal solution for your needs. Are you unsure about how to properly mount our PCB connectors and PCB terminals? If so, as well as contacting our customer support team, you can also watch one of our handling videos . You can find these in our online product catalogue or by scanning the QR code on the product itself.

Service tools

ConnectorGuide: Find the right product for your needs

Through the ConnectorGuide we provide you with an application and product-oriented search that will quickly guide you to the product you need. Finding the right PCB plug-in connectors has never been easier.

OMNIMATE® 4.0 web-configurator

All OMNIMATE® Services, from necessary engineering data to ordering free samples, are available in the OMNIMATE® 4.0 configurator with just a few clicks. Discover the possibilities of the flexibility of the modular product design of OMNIMATE® 4.0.

Free-of-charge 72-hour sample service

With our free 72-hour OMNIMATE® sample service, you have the opportunity to order your design-in samples quickly and easily from our product catalogue. Within just 72 hours, we’ll deliver your sample PCB plug-in connectors and terminals to your preferred location.

Digital data

We offer extensive component libraries of OMNIMATE® PCB connectors and terminals for EDA systems. We can also support you in the creation, modification, analysis or optimisation of your design using CAD and 3D data. Weidmüller provides you with full product data in BMEcat format including engineering data

All-round expertise regarding PCB terminals and PCB plug-in connectors

White paper

In our white papers, we have compiled detailed information about the issues affecting the device manufacturer industry. Find out what approaches have proven successful in practice and which developments will move your project forward.

Wire connection technologies

Depending on the requirements and area of use, we’ll offer you the connection system you need. Gather full details on our range of wire connection systems and convince yourself of the benefit to the customer.

Resource collection

Watch our handling videos, find the answers in our FAQs or learn more about soldering methods, norms and standards, mounting options, derating curves and further detailed information.

From PCB plug-in connectors to smart concepts for the factory of the future

From PCB plug-in connectors to smart concepts for the factory of the future
Discover our seamless connectivity solutions for industrial infrastructure

From PCB plug-in connectors to smart concepts for the factory of the future

In decentralized plant concepts, energy, signals and data must be transmitted reliably under extreme environmental conditions. This requires seamless connection solutions from IP20 to IP6x that are compatible with current and future automation systems. As a pioneer in PCB connection technology, Weidmüller supplies reliable and trend-setting PCB connectors and terminals that are appropriate even for decentralised environments.

Single Pair Ethernet

Single Pair Ethernet

Single Pair Ethernet

Single Pair Ethernet will be the next generation of communication architecture for industrial IoT. The concept of Ethernet right down to the sensors promises a seamless connection from the sensor to the cloud.

Perfect complements

Perfect complements for PCB terminals and PCB plug-in connectors

As a leader in technology, we have succeeded in revolutionising PCB connection technology with our PCB connectors and terminals. Our components are highly popular in industrial applications and are optimised for application-oriented design and efficient production. Our focus here is on signal processing and power electronics. We simplify our customers’ processes through our outstanding range of services and the digital data we provide.


We provide you with comprehensive, downloadable information about our range of PCB plug-in terminals and connectors. Simply download our quick reference guide or product catalogue to identify the PCB connectors and terminals you need.

Consulting & Support

Whether you come to us as a device developer, product manager or buyer, we promise you efficiency, speed and tailored solutions. Weidmüller is your perfect partner for PCB plug-in connectors and terminals. You can rely on our expertise and know-how. Working with you, we’ll find the products that meet your requirements.