Engineering data

For the quick integration of our products into your design, there are a lot of digital product data for engineering systems like EPLAN, Zuken E3.series, WSCAD and many others available.

Engineering data


About AmpereSoft

AmpereSoft GmbH offers you proven, manufacturer-independent and process-oriented software tools for efficient and reliable engineering as well as for optimized processes for master data management. Benefit from solutions that meet today's and tomorrow's requirements and from consulting services based on expert knowledge gained from decades of industry experience.

The ToolSystem optimizes your processes with fast configuration of complete switchgear, flexible quotation calculation, standard-compliant temperature calculation according to DIN EN 61439-1, practice-oriented detail engineering and extensive material data maintenance functions, e.g. for ETIM and ECLASS Advanced.

Weidmüller product data for MatClass

Explore the AmpereSoft website and download the product data via the links down below.



AUCOTEC develops engineering software for the entire life cycle of machines, plants and mobile systems - with over 35 years of experience. AUCOTEC solutions range from flow diagrams to control and electrical engineering in large-scale plants to modular wiring systems in the automotive industry.

AUCOTEC software is in use all over the world. In addition to the headquarters in Isernhagen near Hanover, six other German locations belong to the AUCOTEC group as well as subsidiaries in China, India, South Korea, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Norway and the USA. Furthermore, a global partner network ensures local support all over the world.

Weidmüller product data for Engineering Base

With the import interface for product data you can transfer data in EPLAN Electric P8 format to Engineering Base.

Explore the AUCOTEC website via the link down below.



CADENAS is one of the leading software manufacturers for the areas of Strategic Parts Management (PARTsolutions) and Electronic CAD Product Catalogues (eCATALOGsolutions).

With customised solutions, CADENAS is the link between the component manufacturers with their products and the customers.

Weidmüller product data in Part Community

Explore the Cadenas website and download the product data via the links down below. Example formats:

  • STEP
  • DXF
  • DWG



For electronic and automated data exchange, the use of a "common language" - which is understood not only by humans but also by machines - is imperative.

With ECLASS, a globally recognised and standard-compliant standard is available for this purpose. ECLASS enables the uniform classification and unambiguous description of products and services along the entire value chain across all industries - from development to distribution to disposal. With well over 45,000 product classes and more than 20,000 characteristics, ECLASS has established itself internationally. . By using the ECLASS standard, internal company processes can be optimised and cooperation with business partners can be made more efficient.

Entwickelt wird ECLASS von dem gleichnamigen, im Jahre 2000 gegründeten ECLASS e.V. Als Non-Profit-Organisation wird der Verein von Mitgliedern aus Unternehmen, Verbänden und Institutionen der verschiedensten Branchen aus Industrie und Handel getragen. Their common goal is to expand the ECLASS standard in line with current and future market requirements and to promote its international application.

Weidmüller product data in BMEcat format

Explore the ECLASS website via the link down below.

Please contact us to obtain product data.



EPLAN offers software and services for all aspects of engineering in the fields of electrical engineering, automation and mechatronics. The company develops one of the world's leading software solutions for machine, plant and enclosure construction. EPLAN is also the ideal partner for simplifying challenging engineering processes. Standardised and customised ERP and PLM/PDM interfaces ensure consistent data along the entire value chain. Working with EPLAN means unrestricted communication across all engineering disciplines.

Weidmüller product data for EPLAN Electric P8 and EPLAN Pro Panel

Explore the EPLAN website and download the product data via the links down below or via the Weidmüller online catalogue.


About ETAP (Formely IGE+XAO)

For over 35 years, the IGE+XAO Group has been a software publisher designing, producing, selling and supporting a range of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software dedicated to the entire electrical engineering process, from definition and design, through manufacturing and maintenance. Twenty IGE+XAO subsidiaries and representatives in more than 50 countries support over 40,000 customers with more than 90,000 licenses sold worldwide. In 2023, IGE+XAO joined ETAP, a global leader in software solutions for electrical systems.

SEE (Software for Electrical Engineering) is an intuitive CAD software suite to meet all electrical design and manufacture needs. SEE is now part of ETAP’s market-leading software solutions portfolio for electrical systems, from design and engineering to operations and maintenance

Weidmüller product data for SEE software

Explore the IGE+XAO website via the link down below and download the product data in the IGE+XAO data portal SEE Web Catalogue after obtaining access by purchasing SEE Electrical.


About SDProget

SDProget is one of the leading Italian companies in the design and development of CAD software for the electrical sector.

SPAC Automazione is a CAD / CAE solution for electrical design in Industrial Automation and Special Machines. It is a professional design system, highly automated and flexible. In particular, it guarantees users maximum productivity in the design of electrical systems for industrial automation.

Weidmüller product data for SPAC Automazione

Explore the SDProget website via the link down below and obtain access to the product data after purchasing SPAC Automazione.



SISTEMA (Safety of Controls on Machines) is designed to help you evaluate safety in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13849-1. The software wizard is provided by the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance (IFA) and offers developers or testers of safety-related machine controls the possibility of simulating control parts with the individual architectures and calculating the reliability values automatically.

Weidmüller product data for SISTEMA

The SISTEMA library integrates all current characteristic data of Weidmüller's safety components into the software wizard.

Explore the IFA website and SISTEMA Software Assistant via the links down below and download the product data.



WSCAD provides fast and reliable engineering solutions at a sensational value for money and outstanding value for electrical schematic and controls design, fluid power diagrams, panel & enclosure layout, piping and instrumentation, building automation and electrical installation. The modular and scalable software suite helps enterprises and small-medium businesses accelerate their product development process, substantially reduce engineering costs while improving quality. Standardization, reuse, and automation significantly accelerate engineering and design time, while also ensuring higher quality. Additional WSCAD Global Business Services such as engineering and migration checkup, workflow integration, consulting, training or the digitizing and importing of paper documentation and third-party E-CAD formats round off the product range.

Electrical designers and engineers will save enormous time and improve the quality by importing the latest and tested product parts data into their schematic designs. Users can benefit by downloading the data of our products. They are also available at, with more than 1.2 millions data from over 125 manufacturers the largest parts and symbols library for electrical CAD for both WSCAD and EPLAN users at no cost.

Weidmüller prodcut data for WSCAD

Explore the WSCAD website and download the product data in different ECAD formats via the links down below.



Zuken works globally with leading companies to optimize their electrical and electronic engineering design and related manufacturing processes through the provision of leading-edge software and consulting services.

The company’s unique combination of proven experience, technological expertise and agility creates best in class solutions.

Zuken’s transparent working practices and belief in integrity in all aspects of business produce long lasting and successful customer partnerships.

Zuken’s robust market position is reinforced by an established position in the industry with over 30 years experience, and solid financial foundations. As a stable multinational company, listed on Tier 1 of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Zuken is able to remain focused on being a long-term innovation and growth partner.

The security of an investment by partnering with Zuken is further reinforced by the company’s people - the foundation of Zuken’s success. Coming from a wide range of industry sectors, specializing in many different disciplines and advanced technologies, Zuken’s people are able to relate to and understand each company’s unique requirements.

Weidmüller product data for E3.series

Explore the Zuken website and download the product data via the links down below.

With the download of the data the user accepts Weidmüller’s terms of use

Weidmüller aims to continually develop and improve its products. We therefore reserve the right to deliver products which may be different - in the sense of enhancement - from those shown in the product data. Users are requested to always ask for a confirmation of the respective specifications. Under no circumstances can Weidmüller be held responsible for any misuse of product data. The responsibility for the selection of devices and the assumption of values for the calculation lies solely with the user.