Creative scope for plant planners

With FreeCon Contactless, cleanroom applications benefit from the clean connections without particulate contamination

Contactless transmission technology opens up new automation opportunities. In cases where a manual plug connection is not an option, advanced applications can be implemented with the FreeCon Contactless’ automated couplings.

Contactless power transmission over short distances is based on the inductive connection between two electric circuits. Completely dispensing with electrical contacts and the associated possibility of mechanically separating source and consumer results in a wide range of possible applications.

The system is particularly attractive for mobile consumers and special environmental conditions, which require an increased level of protection or are subjected to a great deal of mechanical wear. Compared with conventional connection systems of electrical consumers, this form of power transmission offers an alternative that provides plant planners with a great deal of creative scope.

More than a replacement for a plug-in connector.

Contactless power transmission doesn’t simply replace a plug-in connector. It also opens up entirely new possibilities of making a connection. This way, the primary and secondary sides, for instance, can be brought together from any direction and power can even be transmitted when the elements are rotating. Hitherto inconceivable applications are possible because a connection can be made by automatically bringing the two elements together.

Cleanroom applications

Sample applications:
Medical devices, food industry, electrical industry (for instance, production of PCBs or semiconductors), radioactive environments

Keeping products and processes absolutely clean and preventing contamination are decisive factors in cleanroom applications. To this end, the application needs to be encapsulated as far as possible so that neither dust nor dirt can get in.

Solution with FreeCon Contactless:
Plug-in connections always cause particulate contamination in cleanroom applications. Contactless power transmission, on the other hand, enables clean connections which can even be routed through a glass wall. The same also applies to plastic, cardboard, and liquids - as long as the material in the air gap is not metallic or magnetic, the transmission works perfectly.

Automated charging of mobile systems

Sample applications:
Battery charging stations for driverless forklifts, transport systems, robots

Automatic transport systems, which are a common feature of many warehouses and production halls nowadays, complete all work without human assistance. A member of staff only has to be present to make the plug-in connection, which is required for charging the battery.

Solution with FreeCon Contactless:
FreeCon Contactless makes even this manual work step superfluous. The driverless transport systems move to the charging station independently just before the battery goes flat or at the end of the working day. The result is effective time and cost savings, which means your investment pays for itself in no time at all.

Applications with frequent plugging cycles

Sample application:
Interchangeable tools on robots

The automotive industry makes use of applications that require frequent plugging cycles, such as industrial robots performing tool changes. They work with a variety of tools, which they independently change for different tasks - such as gripping or welding.

Solution with FreeCon Contactless:
The high level of wear on the mechanical plug-in connections can be avoided entirely with FreeCon Contactless. This saves both time and money in terms of contact maintenance and replacement, in addition to minimising machine failures caused by maintenance work or defects.