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Energy storage systems (ESS) are playing an increasingly important role in the context of renewable energies. As renewable energy sources such as solar and wind are not continuously available, ESS are used to compensate for the intermittent nature of these sources. They store energy in times of surplus availability and release it again when required. These systems often consist of several individual batteries, which must be quick and easy to replace.

The Weidmüller battery connector (WBC) makes it easy to connect several individual batteries to form an ESS and allows them to be disconnected just as easily if necessary. Whether in small storage systems for home use or in large battery containers - the WBC covers a wide range of applications.

Product range

Battery connector Tuoteinnovaatiot

The Weidmüller battery connector (WBC) enables the connection of conductor cross-sections ranging from 16 mm² to 95 mm² on the connector side. The counterpart of the plug has a busbar to which the conductor can be easily attached on the device side using a cable lug. This design ensures a simple and efficient connection that covers a wide range of conductor cross-sections and simplifies handling on the device side.

Battery connector
  • User-friendly design that enables effortless handling
  • Reliable locking mechanism that ensures a secure and stable connection between the individual batteries
  • Unique plug coding ensures reverse polarity protection, minimises the risk of incorrect connections and protects against damage caused by incorrect polarity
  • Safe to touch due to protected mounting side
  • Protection class IP 67: protected against the infiltration of dust and water
  • Complies with the requirements of UL standard 4128 and therefore fulfils international safety standards

Pre-assembled cables

The use of pre-assembled cables offers additional benefits during installation. Using these pre-assembled cables not only saves time during installation, but also minimises the risk of errors during assembly. Pre-assembly of the cables enables a precise and reliable connection, which significantly reduces the amount of labour required on site.


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