Training, research and industry closely interwoven

Establishment of S3C

Training, research and industry closely interwoven

Working in collaboration with the research institutes at Centrum Industrial IT (CIIT), Weidmüller has launched the Smart Connectivity Competence Center (S3C). In addition to the development of smart industrial connectivity, the focus here is upon industrial infrastructure and the digital description of products.

The new S3C is based in the independent CIIT research and development centre on Innovation Campus Lemgo, Germany. Connection and infrastructure solutions are developed in close cooperation with research and training, in order to support new business models and to promote the digitalisation of customer applications during the entire lifecycle of the systems. Planning, installation and operation will be designed more simply and efficiently as a result of intelligent components.

Plug-in connectors of the future

Due to the digitalisation trend, previously purely electromechanical components are also becoming intelligent and assigned additional functions that save costs and time. As an interface between the machine, control and IT, the plug-in connectors form the basis for the functionality, easy handling and reliability of automation technology. The integration of smart diagnostic functions is opening up new fields of application such as monitoring and data evaluation, making the use of additional sensors redundant.