High current terminal blocks - Reliable and efficient

In today’s control cabinet construction, space and wiring time must continually be reduced to remain competitive. Klippon® Connect high-current terminal blocks are a proven solution to achieve this goal. They enable safe and efficient power distribution to power consumers – quickly, easily, and in the smallest possible space. In order to provide even better support for control cabinet construction, we have now expanded the Klippon® Connect product family of the A series. The new A2C 150/185 version is suitable for cross-sections up to 185 mm² and feature the innovative PUSH IN-Power connection technology. This means you can use a single convenient connection system for the entire cross-section range and have consistent access to the wide range of accessories of the Klippon® Connect A series.

Unique features for added value throughout the process

The planning phase is crucial for the success and cost-effectiveness of the entire panel building process. It requires intelligent interplay between digital article data and interconnected engineering tools. Efficient, easy wiring is key when it comes to the installation.

Our products stand out in this respect with their intuitive handling and clear design. All terminal functions can be distinguished from each other instantly.

Our Klippon® Connect products feature standardised test points which make automated testing and checking processes possible. In this way, maintenance and testing tasks can be carried out much more safely and faster.

Efficient and safe: Standardised system accessories

With the Klippon® Connect A series and their use of standardised accessories in the entire cross-section range from 1.5 to 185 mm², your need for accessories reduced. This simplifies installation and maintenance, saves purchase and storage costs, and increases efficiency.

Large markers for clear identification of external voltages provide a perfect overview in complex installations. In the connection ranges from 35 to 185 mm², the lightning symbols on the markers prevent connection in the live state. This increases safety for man and machine.

Quick and easy: PUSH IN-Power connection technology

Due to the PUSH IN-Power connection technology inside our high current terminal blocks, flexible conductors with and without ferrules as well as fine-stranded and rigid conductors can be connected quickly and easily. Several compression springs ensure a permanently secure, gas-tight, and vibration-proof connection.

The spring mechanism generates a very strong clamping effect and the intuitive lever mechanism ensures easy operation with little effort. Our high-current terminal blocks with PUSH IN-Power technology can be used uniformly for cross-sections from 35 to 185 mm².

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