Simple, fast and safe wiring of current and voltage transformers

In T&D applications, current and voltage transformers are mainly used for protection and measurement functions. Our new TTB range of Klippon® Connect instrument transformer terminal blocks have been designed to meet allthe connection requirements of these two critical applications. The wiring of current and voltage transformers can be carried out particularly easily and safely with the new terminal block series – even within complex circuits. The prevention of operating errors during operation increases plant availability and extends the life cycle of the entirecontrol cabinet. Thus, the respective requirements of the end user are fulfilled to the highest degree.

We offer a universal and extensive range of terminal blocks suited for almost every application. The consequent orientation of products and services to the customer´s processes allows to achieve noticeable productivity advantages

Davide Montaldo, Strategic Product Manager, ODTS

Unique features giving added values throughout the process


The planning phase is crucial for the success and cost-effectiveness of the entire panel building process, and requires the intelligent interplay of digital product data and interconnected engineering tools. Efficient, easy wiring is key to installation.

Our products stand out in this respect with their intuitive handling and clear design. All terminal functions can be distinguished from each other instantly.

Our Klippon® Connect products feature standardised test points which make automated testing and checking processes possible. In this way, maintenance and testing tasks can be carried out much more safely and faster.

Our highlights with Klippon® Connect TTB Range

Reliable comparative measurement

Reliable comparative measurement

Reliable comparative measurement

A patented CM (Comparative Measurement) lever link allows two terminal blocks to be selectively separated to connect a calibrated measuring device. After the measurement, the captive lever is returned to its original position, with the „make before break“ contact remaining active. This is a unique feature of the TTB range which guarantees maximum safety for personnel and asset preservation.

Enhanced safety cover hood system

Enhanced safety cover hood system

Enhanced safety cover hood system

The transparent cover hood system protects and seals the entire assembly. It is available either as a full-length profile or as an individual cover. It can only be fixed when all connection components are in their initial position. The assembly is optimally protected against unauthorised access without impairing visual inspection.

Our highlights with pluggable TTB-Range

ATTB 6 PG with pluggable connection and integrated Make Before Break (MBB) - function

In current transformer circuits, the ATTB 6 PG CT is equipped with a specially designed 2 and 3 pole self-shorting plug able to guarantee a Make Before Break (MBB) contact under every handling condition. For voltage circuits a simple feed-through plug offered with the ATTB 6 PG VT guarantees the same handling easiness and safety required also for voltage circuits. Both CT and VT plugs are equipped with full coding possibility to avoid any dangerous exchange.

ATTB 6 PG with pluggable connection and integrated Make Before Break (MBB) - function
  • Plug with integrated Make Before Breake (MBB) - function
  • Standard accessories of A-Series
  • Data-supported accessory selection via WMC
  • Flexible Make Before Break (MBB) - function via lever or plug
  • Captive components
  • Reliable switch lock