Fast and easy

Relays are used in different industries and applications for isolating and amplifying loads. With a lot of connection points per socket, they have a significant influence on the wiring time during installation. The lead time is signiificantly defined by the connection technology.

With the PUSH IN connection from the TERMSERIES we significantly optimise the wiring time and thanks to the coloured pusher, which prevents incorrect wiring. With the integrated cross-connection option, the sockets can be connected to every potential. For testing purposes, every connection point has an additional test point.

Our product range

PUSH IN connection for the TERMSERIES

Fast wiring of industrial relays

PUSH IN connection for the TERMSERIES
  • Quick and safe connection of all conductor types
  • Coloured pushers avoid incorrect wiring
  • Simplification of maintenance and troubleshooting during operation thanks to integrated test and inspection taps
  • Reduction in wiring time up to 75 %



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Watch our video to learn more about the advantages of using TERMSERIES PUSH IN

Product features in detail

PUSH IN connection with test point

The integrated test point on each level allows fast, uncomplicated testing with standard test plugs and simplifies maintenance and troubleshooting during operation.

Integrated cross-connectors

Continuous cross-connection channels increase flexibility and reduce the wiring time at every level.

Ejection lever with integrated marker channels

The ejection lever makes it easy to replace the plugged relays with integrated holder for Weidmüller markers.