Our automatic stripping and crimping machine – Simple. Fast. Electrical.


Automatic crimping machine – quick and easy crimping of wire end ferrules

As a result of increasing requirements upon automatic crimping machines in the field of panel building, manufacturers and small/medium-sized producers face major challenges. Incoming orders are generally high, and there is a lack of trained professionals in the area. This means that panel builders expect their automatic crimping machines to have a high quality and process safety with cycle times that are as short as possible. Our partly automated solutions offer efficiency advantages for cable confectioning along with the highest possible flexibility. Thanks to coloured touch displays and easily adjusted mechanics, they are easy to operate. Our CRIMPFIX ECO meets all necessary requirements and will ensure that your company works as efficiently as possible.

The benefits of our CRIMPFIX ECO at a glance

Our CRIMPFIX ECO is operated purely electrically without air pressure. It has a range of impressive benefits that will make the work processes in your company more efficient. The easy handling, optimisation of processing times, and flexible usage possibilities counter all challenges facing professionals such as panel builders. As well as high incoming orders and a lack of trained professionals in the field, these challenges include the ever-increasing requirements of the market, a reduced time to market and exceptionally high quality demands. See the benefits of our CRIMPFIX ECO automatic crimping machine for yourself.

Optimisation of processing times

Optimisation of processing times

Weidmüller's semi-automatic crimping machines offer the ideal prerequisites for increasing efficiency.

Flexible usage options

Flexible usage options

The modern design and compact form of the CRIMPFIX ECO mean that it's not just a real eye-catcher; it can also be used at practically any workplace.

Simplicity of handling

Simplicity of handling

With our automatic crimping machines, the entire cross-section range can be processed quickly and easily without changing mechanical components.

Get to know our CRIMPFIX ECO

The CRIMPFIX ECO is a real wonder in the world of automatic crimping machines. Enjoy the flexible, unique design that makes our automatic crimping machine especially appealing. In combination with our wire end ferrules, our crimping machines come with the required UL approvals. See for yourself.

Cable confectioning – quick and easy crimping of wire end ferrules



Simple. Fast. Electrical.

The CRIMPFIX ECO automatic crimping machine is the ideal solution for processing PVC conductors with wire end ferrules in the field of panel building. Due to its robustness and compact design as well as the purely electrical drive, the machine offers extremely flexible options for use in production. This is particularly useful for panel builders producing panels for all of the industry segments in the market.

The purely electrically driven CRIMPFIX ECO automatic crimping machine enables the quick and easy crimping of PVC conductors with wire end ferrules on reel in the cross-section range of 0.5 - 2.5 mm² (~AWG 20-14) with a crimping length of 8 mm. The CRIMPFIX ECO automatic crimping machine can be easily mechanically adjusted for a different cross-section and can process other cross-sections with high process safety. All relevant information is shown on the display.

  • Purely electrical operation
  • Fast processing times
  • Simple cross-section change
  • Compact dimensions and robust design
  • High serviceability


All of the information you need about our automatic crimping machines is available here for download. For example, you can browse the info brochure for our CRIMPFIX ECO to get all the data you want.

Perfect complements

The perfect accessories let the performance of our automatic crimping machines shine even brighter. Our workplace solutions, based on many years of practical experience, provide you with a full portfolio of products. They allow you to speed up processes at your company while increasing the quality of your products. With an additional insertion aid and different colours, wire end ferrules with plastic collars make handling as easy as the benefits of our CRIMPFIX ECO automatic crimping machine are obvious. Our service workplace solutions offer a range of services for our automatic crimping machines and other products. As a result, you'll have solutions that are optimally tailored to each other for all of your work phases.

Consulting & Support

Are you looking for an automatic crimping machine that meets your quality requirements and will improve the efficiency of your production processes? If so, Weidmüller can find the perfect solution to your problems! Our CRIMPFIX ECO makes stripping and crimping easier than ever. With many years of experience and extensive know-how, our experts will help you to find the right automatic crimping machine for your requirements.