DIN rails and mounting rails for electrical switchgears

DIN rails TS and mounting rails are one of the few standardized components in electrical switchgears. The DIN rails and C-profiles are used for mounting and fixing electronic and electromechanical components such as terminal blocks, relays or even power supplies.

The electrical properties of mounting rails depend on the design (TS 15, TS 20 or C20 as C-rail / C-profile, TS 27 as C-rail / C-profile rail, TS 32 and G 32 as G-rail and TS 35) and the surface. The punched (hole and slotted versions) and non-perforated versions of the profile rails are made of the raw materials aluminum (alu), galvanized steel and steel passivated, stainless steel, copper or plastic (PVC).

Klippon® RailSnapper for direct DIN rail installation Tuoteinnovaatiot

Top-hat rail clip, mounting clip and catch for mounting rails

The Klippon® RailSnapper: Your key to simple and secure fastening of your DIN rail. The clever click mechanism offers you maximum security for DIN rail mounting.

Profile rail designs

Top-hat rails, standard rails, mounting rails and profile rails in different designs and variants

Depending on the industry and market requirements, DIN rails and mounting rails TS differ in various designs and versions. Weidmüller offers the most common profile rails on the market, also according to standard and DIN such as DIN EN 60715, in various lengths and materials:

TS 15

TS 20 or C20 as C-rail / C-profile

TS 27 as C-rail / C-profile

TS 32 and G 32 as G-rail / G-profile

TS 35 as TS35x7,5 / TS35x15

Profile rail materials

Top-hat rails, standard rails, mounting rails and profile rails in various materials

The raw material or the treatment of the profile rails and C-profiles determines the electrical properties and the application area. Weidmüller offers the rails in the following materials and coatings:

• Aluminum (Alu)

• Galvanized steel and steel passivated

• Copper

• Plastic (PVC)

Terminal rail cutting and punching tool

Cutting and punching of top-hat rails, DIN-rails, mounting rails and profile rails

For burr-free cutting and punching of DIN-Rail profile rails, Weidmüller offers rail cutting and punching devices TSLD 5 and TSLD C Profile bars and C-profiles can be easily cut to length and punched without much effort. Other product features of the TSLD are:

• Table-top unit for mounting on workbench or similar workplaces

• Guiding device for 90° angle accurate cutting

• Burr-free cutting of top-hat rails without waste

• Shear plate regrindable

• Integrated length stop (up to 1,000 mm)

Mounting rails and DIN top-hat rails as PE conductor or PEN busbar

DIN rails and C profiles can also be used as protective earth busbars (PE conductors) or PEN conductors under certain conditions. The Weidmüller PE terminal blocks with spring and screw connections fulfil the requirements for PE conductors defined in IEC 60947-7-2. According to VDE 0100 Part 540, protective earth conductors and neutral conductors with wire cross-sections above 10 mm2 may be combined to form a conductor abbreviated as PEN.

If a terminal rail is used as a PEN busbar, the following criteria have to be observed:

• Only profiles made of E-Cu or aluminium are permissible

• Short-circuit currents and thermal rated currents

• For the protective measure "Protective insulation", insulate DIN rails

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