From the old to the new control system with minimised downtime

When industrial plants age, are no longer state of the art, or when support or spare parts availability is limited, a system update is required at the control level of a process plant. When replacing PLC and DCS systems, it is essential to avoid wiring errors and to keep the downtime of the plant as low as possible during the migration process. PLC or DCS migration with MiBridge from Weidmüller enables a secure exchange of the control level. Even adaptatiions or changes to the infrastructure can be performed simply and quickly without any need to intervene the field cabling.

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Uniquely designed solution

Uniquely designed solution

The design permits your existing field wiring to remain in place and eliminates the need to wire-trace or ring-out.

Compatibility means flexibility

Compatibility means flexibility

Universal conversion/migration system for the most important PLC old systems, to migrate to any new control system.

Minimal components maximise migration efficiency

Minimal components maximise migration efficiency

Includes versions of card adaptors and cable types to accommodate flying leads or pre-wired field connections.

Product range

Space-saving bridging system

Convenient PLC and DCS migration within a few hours

PLC or DCS migration with our new migration interfaces does not require any additional space in the control cabinet. The rack system takes the place of the old controller and combines the connection level and the new controller into one compact unit. All connection components are easily accessible by simply folding down the upper level.

Space-saving bridging system
Your advantages
  • No additional space required in the control cabinet
  • Lower level: connection of the existing pre-assembled cables to the new adapters
  • Upper level: Installation of the PLC / DCS components
  • Pre-assembled interface cables connect the adapter cards with the new control system
  • The correct retrofitting components for each PLC or DCS

Scenario 1: PLC system was installed with PLC interface modules

In this case, only the PLC cable with proper connector and the PLC or DCS itself has to be replaced.

Scenario 2: Card solution (rack in place)

If in the new installation has enough space to add the rack of the new PLC or DCS without disassemble the old one. In this case, the adaptor card can be placed in the old PLC rack, while the new control system is located in a different cabinet/location. The adaptor card is provided with two connectors.

Scenario 3: Bridge solution

The Bridge solution does not require any additional space in the control cabinet. The adapter chassis and bridge take the place of the old controller and combine the connections from the field devices to the new controller into one compact unit.


Simple system configuration

Simple configuration tables from Weidmüller make it easier for you to choose all the elements you need. The lists are based on the ratio of old to new PLC or DCS card and precicely describe the rack system, the front adapters and the pre-assembled cabels.

White paper on migration solutions

In our white paper we have composed detailed information about the latest trends and solutions in the field of PLC migration. Find out what has proven itself in practice and which developments will bring your project forward.

White paper on migration solutions

With Weidmüller PLC / DCS migration interfaces, there’s no need to make any changes to the field cabling, so this shortens the amount of time needed to upgrade the entire plant. Indeed, what used to be a PLC and DCS migration process that lasted a good few weeks is now an update that can be completed in just a few hours – including the system tests. Production facilities can return to operating as normal even after the briefest of downtimes. Request the free white paper and learn more about our solutions.

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