Simple operation - high protection

In energy monitoring, incorrect wiring can destroy current and voltage transformers. Our specially developed test-disconnect terminal blocks, in various connection technologies, are a safe way of solving this problem. Simple operation ensures error-free, convenient wiring. This guarantees the protection of your transformers and measuring devices, and ensures safe, precise work. Our integrated terminal blocks, in modular design for transformer switches, also save space in the panel.

Our product range

PUSH IN Technology

ATTB 6 terminal blocks for a simple, fast, and safe wiring of current and voltage transformers

Screw connection technology

WTTB 6 terminal blocks for a simple, fast, and safe wiring of current and voltage transformers

Hybrid connection technology

HTTB 6 terminal blocks for a simple, fast, and safe wiring of current and voltage transformers

Tension clamp technology

Universal contact system for all common conductor connection types

Stud technology

Connect ring cable lugs quickly and safely

Product news

Klippon® Connect TTB-Range for current and voltage transformer wiring

In T&D applications, current and voltage transformers are mainly used for protection and measurement functions. Our new TTB range of Klippon® Connect transformer terminal blocks have been designed to meet all the connection requirements of these two critical applications.

Klippon® Connect pluggable TTB-Range for current and voltage transformer wiring

In current transformer circuits, the ATTB 6 PG CT is equipped with a specially designed 2 and 3 pole self-shorting plugable to guarantee a Make Before Break (MBB) contact under every handling condition.

Klippon® Connect WTL 6 STB for instrument transformer wiring

Simple operation - high protection

With our test-disconnect terminal blocks, based on tested Weidmüller screw connection technology, connecting challenges can be resolved clearly and cost effectively. The screws connecting the conductors are only accessible after the current transformer has been short-circuited using the short-circuit slider. This ensures safety as it prevents accidental short-circuiting or opening of the converter circuit.

  • Very compact solution for DIN-Rails 35 to meet demanding cabinet design
  • Simple and safe operation thanks to clear indication of the disconnect status
  • Integrated test sockets upstream and downstream the disconnect point
  • Double possibillity to perform CT-shorting through SAKQS and also quick QS-plugs

Klippon® Connect SDL terminal blocks for instrument transformer wiring

For an easy instrument transformer wiring with stud technology

Many applications demand a gas-tight, vibration-safe and reliable connection. Stud connections fulfil all of these requirements and provide the largest contact area of all wire connection technologies. With the new Stud terminal range SDL Weidmüller supply a flexible and safe solution for stud connections.

  • Specially developed for all conceivable requirements
  • Simple, safe operation thanks to clear identification of switch status
  • Easy connection of ring cable lugs
  • Large marking areas

Pre-assembled terminal strips according to technical connection conditions (TAB)

For some technical connection conditions from the German-speaking countries, we offer prefabricated strips according to the respective TAB. You can find an overview of these terminal strips here: