Effective protection of people and equipment

The safety and availability of plants must be guaranteed at all times. Careful planning and installation of safety functions play a particularly important role. For personnel protection, we offer a wide range of PE terminal blocks in different connection technologies. With our wide range of KLBÜ shield connections, you can achieve flexible and self-adjusting shield contacting and ensure error-free plant operation.

Our product range

PUSH IN connection technology

Increase efficiency in installation without compromising on safety

Tension clamp technology

Universal contact system for all common conductor connection types

Screw connection technology

Patented clamping yoke technology ensures the ultimate in contact safety

Product innovations

Klippon® Connect KLBUE for shielding

For a simple and efficient installation of safe shielding systems

In order to guarantee EMC, the interference mechanisms must first be known. In addition to natural sources of interference such as lightning, there are alsoso-called coupling mechanisms. Here is an overview of the different couplingmechanisms as well as some measures for EMC optimisation.

Our complete range of KLBUE shield connections, KHLA shield clamping saddles, SH 4C shield rail holders, and KLBU RC shielding brackets allows simple and efficient installation of safe shielding systems.

Klippon® Connect KLBUE for shielding
  • Reliable protection against transient overvoltage and electromagnetic fields
  • Consistent contact pressure thanks to spring effect
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Clear, simple installation without auxiliary tools

Klippon® Connect A2C functional earth terminal blocks

To provide functional protection for the connected electronicsystem

Klippon® Connect A2C functional earth terminal blocks
  • With 2 or 4 connection points
  • Different cross-sections available
  • Testing point on each terminal block
  • Compatible with accessories of the Klippon® Connect A series

Function Description

Detect earth faults easily and reliably

Klippon® Connect earth-wire disconnect terminal block

Earth-wire disconnect terminal helps detect earth faults and enables the earthing of the auxiliary circuit to be disconnected. The different kind of operation status is indicated by a red and green LED. You will find a complete description of the functionallity and an overview of the respective operating states in the download area.

Detect earth faults easily and reliably
Product features and benefits
  • Integrated LED status indicator
  • Increased turbine availability
  • Simple and safe separation
  • Detection of creeping earth faults