Earth terminal blocks and PE terminal blocks - Protection for humans and machines

An earth terminal block is a protective feed-through terminal with PE function (ground), i.e. an electrically conductive connection to the DIN rail / DIN mounting rails. The protective earth terminal blocks have one or more connection points and are available as single-level PE terminal blocks, multi-level ground terminal block (double-level terminal blocks and three-level terminal blocks). Some of our terminals in combination with our DIN rails / top-hat rails offer the possibility of separating the PEN conductor, i.e. the PEN function within the switchgear.

DIN rails and C profiles can also be used as protective earth busbars (PE conductors) or PEN conductors under certain conditions. Weidmüller's PE ground terminal with spring and screw connections meet the requirements for PE wires specified in IEC 60947-7-2. According to VDE 0100 Part 540, protective earth conductors and neutral conductors with wire cross-sections above 10 mm2 may be combined to form a conductor abbreviated as PEN.

Product range

Our product range of PE terminals (ground terminal) and grounding disconnect terminal blocks

SNAP IN technology

PE earthing terminal for DIN rails with innovative SNAP IN technology revolutionizes control cabinet construction. Direct connection of flexible wires without ferrules reduces wire preparation and wiring.

PUSH IN Technology

Thanks to the extensive range of accessories and the various cross-connection options, you can solve any requirement perfectly with our ground terminals and protective earth terminal blocks in PUSH IN connection technology.

Tension clamp connection

The PE terminal block or ground wire disconnect terminal block with proven tension clamp technology is suitable for particularly compact but nevertheless clearly arranged control cabinet assembly. Its incredibly high degree of flexibility makes the tension clamp an excellent connection alternative for the electrical connection of flexible and solid wires.

Screw connection

The high reliability and wide range of variants of ground disconnect terminal blocks and PE protective earth terminal blocks with clamping yoke connection ensure relief in planning and maximum safety in operation with and without wire end ferrules.

Product innovations protective earth terminal blocks

Klippon® Connect control voltage distribution with protective conductor terminal block

Modular earth conductor terminal blocks provide the electrical and mechanical connection between copper conductors and the mounting support. They have one or more clamping points for connection to and/or branching of predective conductors. The power terminals with predective conductor functions comply with the IEC 60947-7-2 standard.

Functional description earth disconnect terminal and ground disconnect terminal

Detect earth faults easily and reliably

Klippon® Connect earth disconnect terminal and ground disconnect terminal

Earth-wire disconnect terminal helps detect earth faults and enables the earthing of the auxiliary circuit to be disconnected. The different kind of operation status is indicated by a red and green LED. A detailed functional description and overview of the individual operating states of the ground disconnect terminal blocks and earth wire disconnect terminal blocks can be found in our download area.

Detect earth faults easily and reliably
Product features and benefits
  • Integrated LED status display on the terminal
  • Increased turbine availability
  • Simple and safe disconnection on the terminal
  • Detection of creeping earth faults

Downloads around the earth terminal block

On the website Engineering Data you will find an extensive selection of downloads related to CAT data. For the quick integration of our products into your design, a wide range of digital product data is available for engineering systems such as EPLAN (EPLAN Electric P8 and EPLAN Pro Panel), Zuken E3.series, WSCAD and many others. This data enables a precise representation of the earth terminal block and earth disconnect terminal blocks in 3D and shows all relevant electrotechnical and operational characteristics.